Jason Hasenberg 61 min

Episode 3 - Mason Cosby

Featuring Mason Cosby, Founder of Scrappy ABM. Mason's Sour Takes: 1. Most organizations are starting with ABM entirely in the wrong way. (03:03) 2. Most organizations should start their ABM program focused on customer expansion. (08:45) 3. The current lack of alignment between marketing and sales is largely marketing's fault. (18:39) 4. ABM should be the only marketing strategy for Vertical SaaS companies. (36:01) 5. The best low-cost ABM playbook is peer-led influencer marketing. (43:43) Hot takes are fun, but have you heard of sour takes? 🍬 50 GTM leaders take the sour plunge while delivering their ~controversial~ takes on the current state of SaaS. Can they deliver clear viewpoints while trying the sourest candies in the world?


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