Jason Hasenberg 94 min

Episode 2: Amelia Taylor

Featuring Amelia Taylor, Founder of AT the Revenue Table, Community & GTM Partner at Aptivio, and advisor at Regie.ai. Amelia's Sour Takes: 1. Challenge the system: “We have always done things this way” are the 7 worst words to say in business. (01:58) 2. Knowing what not to do is equally, or more, important than knowing what to do. (21:12) 3. LinkedIn isn’t the only “world” that exists - especially if you want to build exec relationships. (41:47) 4. Pipeline-generated revenue, alone, doesn't warrant a promotion. (56:54) 5. Easily 50% of playbooks created are copies of another creator's playbook — creating your own will take you WAY further. (01:24:24)


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