Jason Hasenberg 58 min

Episode 1: Jared Robin

Featuring Jared Robin, Co-Founder at RevGenius and Founder of The Collab. Jared’s Sour Takes: 1. Community and audience aren’t the same thing (1:55) 2. Not many companies are doing community right (9:48) 3. Paying influencers on a per-post basis doesn’t cut it (17:40) 4. Outbounding in a community isn't the same as being active or showing up (30:30) 5. LinkedIn is not real life (42:33) Hot takes are fun, but have you heard of sour takes? 🍬 50 GTM leaders take the sour plunge while delivering their ~controversial~ takes on the current state of SaaS. Can they deliver clear viewpoints while trying the sourest candies in the world?


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