Melissa Moody 34 min

Marketing to Marketers with Ryan Narod (Mutiny)

Meet Ryan Narod, marketing leader at Mutiny, as he chats with fellow Ex-Googler and host Melissa Moody about identifying as a 2 Pizza Marketer, building killer campaigns that catch the interest of savvy marketers, and lead teams through thr tricky early stages of marketing from zero to growth. You'll hear more about: Tapping into the curiosity of marketersWeaving B2c and innovative patterns into standard B2B marketingThe story of Achoo, Mutiny's raccoon mascotBackground on the SurvAIvor campaign, really showing how to use AI for tactical marketing use How Mutiny has come to be known for games and campaigns that bring play into education on content that marketers care about Two critical tips to pulling off a BIG campaign idea as a small focused team One of Melissa's favorite terms: M.E.C.E. (Mutually Exclusive, Collectively Exhaustive) The marvelous mess of self-imposed deadlines


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