Melissa Moody 31 min

Amping Up Local Presence with Teddy Cheek (The Escape Game)

Break out of the B2B world for a bit and join Melissa as she sits down with dynamic marketer from The Escape Game: Teddy Cheek. It's an episode packed full of specific ideas for you, on topics such as: Hiring a designer first Creative hyper-local marketing strategies (incuding OOH) Their hand-created Digital Diagnostic Score, which blends their local SEO presence, link presence, and review site presence Why Teddy wants a 'hot dog stand marketer' way before he wants a 'guitar hero marketer' (you'll have to listen to find out...) Cutting through brand confusion in a crowded category How you can create a branded experience EVERYWHERE to help bolster your brand Upside to consolidating their data in HubspotTeddy's LinkedIn: The Escape Game:


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