Dee Acosta 22 min

Episode 9 - Saad Khan

Kick off the New Year by diving into the transformation journey of **[Saad Khan](** on the Modigie Interviews. A beacon in sales known as the Silver Fox at Aligned, Saad's story is not just a career trajectory but a personal odyssey. 🦊 From the humble beginnings in Pakistan to the bustling city life of Toronto, Saad's path to becoming a maestro in sales is nothing short of inspiring. Discover how he mastered the art of setting meetings and learn his top-notch tips and strategies. With an energy that's contagious and a story that motivates, Saad's interview is a trove of wisdom for anyone looking to excel in sales or seeking a spark of inspiration. In this episode Saad reveals the secrets behind his successful cold calls and the tactics that make him one of the industry's best.


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