Dee Acosta 21 min

Episode 8 - Chris Herring

In this episode of our podcast, we're thrilled to welcome [**Chris Herring**]( 🌟, a dynamic entrepreneur and sales leader. Kicking off his business journey in high school, Chris and his brothers started a six-figure landscaping company, showcasing his early entrepreneurial spirit. From there, he took a detour through law school before diving into the world of sales. Now, at Aptivio, Chris is mastering the art of demystifying sales intent, making significant strides in the field. Chris's life mantra is 'Family First'. It influences both his career and personal life. Besides his work, Chris enjoys UNC basketball, alpine climbing, photography, traveling, and competing in triathlons. He has valuable sales expertise, offering tips on creating memorable experiences and effective follow-ups. Don't miss this episode for a unique blend of Chris Herring's professional insights and personal anecdotes, a true testament to his diverse skills and passions. 🎙️


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