Dee Acosta 26 min

Episode 6 - Alex Boyd

Catch this episode of the Modigie Interviews featuring **[Alex Boyd](**, the dynamic Founder of RevenueZen. Alex's story is a rollercoaster of ambition and achievement, from his youthful aspirations to trade and retire early, to mastering the art of social selling and SEO. Raised on the West Coast with a background in Moral Philosophy and a passion for music, Alex brings a unique blend of creativity and strategy to the business world. He'll share his journey, from the influences that shaped him to launching his own thriving business. Expect to hear Alex's thoughts on building successful sales and business strategies with a human touch. Tune in for an engaging mix of professional insights and personal stories, and yes, get ready to see the man who looks surprisingly like Wolverine! 🎙🐺


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