Dee Acosta 22 min

Episode 11 - Ryan Scalera

In this episode, we're excited to host [**Ryan Scalera**](, a renowned figure in the sales world. Ryan is known for his engaging videos, impactful work at Gap Selling with Keenan, and his current role spearheading outbound efforts at Lob. I had the pleasure of meeting Ryan in New York City last fall. His passion and proficiency in sales, especially outbound, are truly invigorating. Ryan generously offered his expertise to hone my cold calling script and taught me the skill of the perfect pivot. The results were remarkable and noticeable as early as the next day. In this episode, Ryan shares his life experiences and innovative outbound sales techniques that are transforming the field. Join us as we delve into the journey and wisdom of a true sales expert, Ryan Scalera. 🌟


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