Anusha Kannan 25 min

S4:E20: (Part 1) What is Customer and Partnership Marketing? Why is that important for revenue generation?

In this episode, we dive deeper into the world of marketing with Marketing Insights: From Partnerships to Empowerment, featuring Kyra Hennessey, a distinguished figure in the marketing realm. As the head of customer marketing at Redis, and with an impressive track record including roles as the customer marketing lead for global engagement at Freshworks and global customer marketing engagements manager at Dell Technologies, Kyra brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to our podcast. Recognized as a TOP 100 CMA strategist, her insights into partnership marketing, customer marketing strategies, campaign tracking, and the critical importance of data privacy and ethics are invaluable. In this first episode, host Anusha and guest Kyra delve into the intricacies of building effective marketing partnerships, selecting the right customers for impactful collaborations, and leveraging the best practices to drive engagement and growth. Learn how to navigate the challenges of campaign tracking with the latest tools and technologies, and understand the paramount importance of data privacy and ethics in today’s digital marketing landscape. Join us for a conversation that promises to enrich your marketing strategies with insights from one of the industry’s best.


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