Rethinking the lead to opportunity experience to generate better pipeline

Rethinking the lead to opportunity experience to generate better pipeline

Mark Kilens 1 min

Rethinking the Lead to Opportunity Experience

Introduction Welcome to our latest webinar on transforming the lead-to-opportunity experience. Hosted by Mark Kilens and featuring Natalie Marcotullio from Navattic, this session explores optimizing B2B buyer experiences.

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Webinar Summary: Mark Kilens and Natalie from Navattic discuss how to rethink and improve the lead-to-opportunity experience in B2B sales. They explore the shift from a company-first to a buyer-first approach, focusing on creating a seamless and enjoyable buying process.

Key Takeaways

  1. Importance of Buyer Experience Natalie emphasizes the significance of enhancing the B2B buyer experience. The goal is to make the process enjoyable and efficient for the buyer.

  2. Reducing Friction in the Sales Process Traditional sales processes are often cumbersome, involving multiple steps and touchpoints. Natalie suggests simplifying this by aligning sales and marketing and reducing redundant steps.

  3. Utilizing Interactive Demos Interactive demos can help pre-qualify leads and give buyers a high-level overview of the product before engaging with sales. This approach helps better understand the buyer’s needs and interests.

  4. Calendar Scheduling and Automation Incorporating calendar schedulers in follow-up emails and using automation can significantly improve the response time and ensure that prospects are not forgotten.

  5. Transparent Pricing Having transparent pricing available on the website can save time and set clear expectations for prospects. This can also help with better negotiation and reduce drop-offs.

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Conclusion Thank you for joining us for this insightful webinar. Implementing these strategies can significantly enhance your lead-to-opportunity experience, creating a more seamless and buyer-friendly process.

Mark Kilens 1 min

Rethinking the lead to opportunity experience to generate better pipeline

Discover key strategies from our webinar on enhancing the B2B lead to opportunity experience with Mark Kilens and Natalie from Navattic.

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