Liz & Molly 30 min

How to have a Growth Mindset

This week on The Saus your hosts discuss Growth vs Fixed mindset. As Molly's son is growing his LAX career and Liz watched a handful of colleagus finish a marathon, this was a perfect topic for this week. You know when you look back on something and go, 'That was tough, but I learned a lot' or 'That was tough, but I'm glad I went through it.' Those are often signs of a growth mindset. Often times when things get hard - inside and outside of work - we want or need to find a way to get through it (because sitting how things currently are isn't what you desire). Once we do, we are happy it is behind us, but we've learned a lot from it and are in a 'better position.' Using Dr Carol Dweck's research that breaks down a growth vs fixed mindset, Molly and Liz talk about examples and times inside and outside of work they have had both fixed and growth mindset.


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