Chili Piper 32 min

How GTM Teams Should Be Using AI with Jen Allen-Knuth from

Jen Allen Knuth, Community Growth at Lavender, joins Tara Robertson, Head of Demand Gen at Chili Piper, to discuss the power of community in marketing and sales. Jen shares her hot take on the current trend of creating communities just for the sake of having one, emphasizing the importance of listening and observing to identify unmet needs. She also highlights the role of community in creating a safe space for learning and support. Jen reflects on her transition from sales to marketing and emphasizes the need for sales and marketing to work together to open conversations and create curiosity. She shares insights into Lavender's go-to-market strategy, which includes a focus on events and community-led growth. Jen also discusses the use of AI in marketing and sales, emphasizing the importance of a human-first approach and responsible use of technology.


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