Dustin Tysick 38 min

From hunter-gatherers to marketers | Bolaji Oyejide (Hello Audience)

This week, Dustin chats with Bolaji Oyejide from Hello Audience about the concept of demand desperation and the need for B2B revenue organizations to shift from a focus on demand capture to demand generation. He uses the analogy of hunter-gatherers and farmers to illustrate the limitations of traditional marketing approaches and the importance of long-term thinking. Bolaji emphasizes the need for marketers to balance their time between fetching water (demand capture) and building wells (demand generation). He also suggests that marketers should focus on building association and affinity with their audience by evangelizing the problem and providing valuable insights. He introduces his reality series, Demand Wars, as an example of how marketers can entertain and engage their audience while making their brand their favorite.


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