Melissa Moody 41 min

Exploring the Rapid Growth of AI Images and Midjourney with Drew Brucker

Melissa welcomes back expert marketer and AI consultant Drew Brucker to the show to dive into Generative A.I. images and how 2 Pizza Marketers can shift from seeing the field as ''extra'' and more as a way to make their roles successful. Listen to find out where YOU fall in the three stages of AI adoption: tourist, commuter, or local. Hear use cases for generative AI images for small-team marketers. Understand the differences between AI image platforms and hear more about the company approach that Midjourney is taking. Of course, you'll get actionable tips for small team marketers. Here are a few of the shout-outs from the show: Drew on LinkedIn: The Jam Packed Guide to Midjourney Mastery: Midjourney: F Fast Buyer Insights Tool from Louis Grenier: Mutiny's Surv-AI-vor program for AI use cases:


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